🤗 Getting involved

Creating real social impact using your reach and resources.

You can make a difference

  • Online, sharing memes, stories and creations

  • Locally, using posters, letters and calm events

  • Socially, through cultivating calmness and having conversations

  • Globally, by working towards a better world for everyone.

People following this guide will create a global conversation about pornography, realistically enabling hundreds of millions of people to quit.

Everything here is simple, effective and free, and without ideology or bias.

(and I reckon it's also pretty fun too 🐨😀)

you can join the discord too!



You can help by:

  • Sharing your story and raising awareness about the impact of pornography using #shareyourstory and #quiteasily

  • Posting memes and creating content promoting kind conversations

  • Putting up posters in your local community

  • Engaging in respectful discussions about pornography and other topics

  • Volunteering or donating to the Peaceful Foundation if you like what we're doing.

💾 Online

Using #shareyourstory and #quiteasily everywhere you can.

helping bringing a meme back

You can find more memes at coomer.org, but please

If you're not, you'll get 😑'd and unironically called cringe. Please see the coomer ethos for more info.

and posting stuff ourselves

🌳 Locally

Online campaigns are cool, but rarely leave lasting impacts. Let's make something real.

Here are some posters,

and letters for your local community.

this one is for schools; you can find letters for

  • addiction organisations

  • religious groups

  • not-for-profits

  • politicians

  • others

on the stuff to do locally page! 😄

👋 Socially

Discussing pornography respectfully.

Honestly a shame that porn's been politicised; this section has video guides on how to discuss porn (and anything) with people.

Key things are

  • treating people with kindness

  • not having ulterior motives

  • using critical reasoning.

🌏 Globally

Hope fuel by setting global goals for making pornography a thing of the past.

We're aiming that by the end of

2024, zero willpower approaches are initially offered by first-line heath professionals.

2025, all schools should educate against pornography during sex education.

2026, pornography should be opt-in from the service provider level.

For now please help by freeing as many people from addiction!

🕊️ More

You can volunteer on other projects and donate to the Peaceful Foundation, which is the organisation behind easypeasy and quiteasily (and more!)

Any donations will be sincerely appreciated and used responsibly.

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