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Raising awareness, sharing stories and creating conversations.
We’re spreading quiteasily using memes and challenges creating conversations.
Addiction can be a scary topic, so remaining respectful and friendly is important -- seek curiosity!


Stories create conversations.
We're using these two hashtags
#shareyourstory for questioning the impact porn has on society
#quiteasily for supporting people into quitting without willpower, shame or vitriol.
You can find more resources (including as squares) on the shareable stuff
We're discussing sensitive topics, sometimes opposed to people's views; please always seek understanding.
My mum says to "always take the high road", and if we all do that we can build higher roads together.


coomer.org is a janky site hosting coomer and easypeasy memes.
You can't control the internet, but it'd be cool if we could all be kind.
Meme magic is powerful and I'd love thinking we could direct it into something beautiful that brings people together.
There's a short ethos at coomer.org, which basically says
  • hey yeah the coomer meme is funny
  • but ego-escalation co-opted it before; honestly a shame
  • so if you're like that you'll get 😑'd and unironically called cringe.
bro just don't take life so seriously and slow down your thought speed, wagmi Cultivate loving kindness x
Check out more memes at coomer.org


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