a list of checkboxes

Here's everything you can do in a list.

pro tip: you can export this page as a pdf and tick off the checkboxes, or write your own checkboxes on a piece of scrap paper!


Create awareness using social media and meme magic (with loving kindness, otherwise 😑)

Start using the hashtags on socials and posting stories.

(see shareable stuff)

You can find more memes at coomer.org, but please

If you're not, you'll get 😑'd and unironically called cringe. Please see the coomer ethos for more info.

and if you'd like, you can follow what we're doing.

You can also check me out here, and if you genuinely enjoy my content, you can also do the same.

- Fraser Patterson - deleteinstaplease


This makes the most difference.


Working on checkboxes





Any donations will be accepted gratefully and used responsibly. You can donate by either clicking the link below, Help us out! or sending directly using Wise, with the details you can find on the 🕊️ More page.

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