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Hope fuel: goals for educating against pornography, and how they're happening.

We're working towards a world where addiction is strange -- not commonplace. One where,

  • Young adults reckon porn is cringe and really want to make sure little kids can't access it

  • Hearing about someone using porn is a cause for concern and understanding

  • Governments are rightly regarding it as a public health emergency.

Campaigning locally allows officials to take action without seeming out of touch.

We're aiming that by

2024, zero willpower approaches are initially offered by first-line heath professionals.

2025, all schools should educate against pornography during sex education.

2026, pornography should be opt-in from the service provider level.

We're crafting campaigns to make these goals a reality, but essentially it'll be coordinated letter writing campaigns and peaceful public action.

In lieu, you can help right now by freeing as many people as possible!

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