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Volunteering for better local communities, plus donations to Peaceful Foundation.


To help this along, I've started an organisation to help improving the world without an agenda. It's called the peaceful foundation and this is the thought behind it -- You can't blueprint society. -ism's or ideologies will always fall short because of the world's complexity. We've got to work together, learning and adapting as we go.

Let's create something peaceful to build upon.

If you vibe with this message, you can also help by

There's a big list of everything you can do on the peaceful foundation website. Checking it out would be really appreciated!


You can donate using the Stripe payment link below. Money is frankly rather useful for mobility. I've only come this far from people letting me crash on their couch and loaning me food expenses. I'm not a fancy bloke, and I sincerely promise to use any funds wisely.

Donate to the project here!

and, you can also make a bank transfer:

within Australia (sorry, no PayID!) Peaceful Foundation Ltd BSB: 802-985 ACC: 826227500

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